Are email adresses “the new marketing gold”?

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14 maart 2017
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9 juni 2017
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This will help you to find the best audience with LinkedIn

Through the newly-added ‘target your audience’ option on LinkedIn, we finally can target a more specific group

Collect as many email adresses as you can
As a marketingspecialist, I always tell my customers they have to collect as many email addresses as they can within their target group. In the past, email marketing was considered gold, as it was the “cheapest” marketing tool. Indeed, people were happily providing email addresses in order to obtain information or for a chance at winning something. They were then able to unsubscribe again to get rid of the messenger or the brand.

The new gold
Nowadays, advancements in technology turned email addresses back into ‘the new gold’. Indeed, Google and Facebook already made it possible for brands to keep ‘stalking’ the target group by targeting ads in email addresses. For marketing activities purposes in general, it does not matter anymore if people unsubscribe. Moreover, with the “look a like” option you can even maximize your audience to reach your target group.

I figured out that LinkedIn finally introduced the option to either retarget your website visitors, or to upload the email addresses of your customer base. So this will definitely make it worth to collect as much email addresses as you can from your target group.

And start optimizing your audience. When you have uploaded the contact lists, you can start to optimize your audience by choosing experience level, company names, area and a few more options that may be important for you.

The only thing you have to do is to create a huge email database. You can even generate the relevant email addresses by uploading your LinkedIn contacts!

The example you don’t want to miss

Recently, G-Tail Marketing had the opportunity to assist a customer during a fair focused on a specific target group. Our strategy was to set up a “daily win” promotion in order to collect as many email addresses as possible. We asked participants to provide us with their email addresses to be informed of the names of the winners. So everyone was happy to leave their real email addresses. As teaser we gave away prices worth €100,- in total. This resulted in more than 2000 email addresses. And all participants got an email announcing the winners. Also we offered them a special promotion to buy directly. Which some of them used as well.

Achieved the best conversion ever
The best result was that we uploaded the email addresses on Facebook and Google and targeted both our audience and the “look a like” one. And after all this gave us a higher conversion than we had ever achieved before.

So let’s see if we can help you reach your desired audience through this new tool. And achieving for you look a like results.

Gideon Tailleur – Online Marketing specialist and official LinkedIn ambassador. Founder of Always happy to bring your company to a next level in the online marketing strategy. 

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