How a pick-up-point becomes slim fit

Oger verruilt paskamers voor kleedkamers
23 maart 2014
Online shoppen biedt less price, maar offline wordt priceless
23 april 2014

oger kleed

Let’s review 2013 and look at what we can expect in 2014.  What happened in 2013, online shopping increased at the expense of shops. So Omnichannel became the hot item together with “pick-up points”.

When offline buying is seen as enjoyable way of spending time with a trusted experienced sales person online buying is associated with ease of purchase. Combine the two and you have omnichannel. Online can not replace the total shopping experience, think of buying a €500,- suit. It has to be felt, tried, fitted and can’t be done online.

So what can shops do to convince customers that visiting their shop is essential. Oger a well known Dutch company of exclusive fashion including sponsoring of a few football teams, including Ajax. Decided that if the mountain doesn’t come to Mohammed, Mohammed has to go to the mountain and they used Ajax stadium to sell their clothes. What is so special about this? As a football fan imagine being able to try on a suit in the same changing room as your idols. A wonderful experience. Not only this, but it reaffirms the image of well dressed footballers.

From my point of view, this is a great marketing campaign. It creates that small girl in a sweet shop feeling. So Ajax and Oger have a win win situation. Ajax has a sponsor and Oger a new point of sale.

Therefore pick-up points should not mean “I can order Robbie Williams, the Lord of the Rings and three pair of socks from Amazon and avoid postal charges by going to the supermarket to pick them up nor is it a euphemism for a disco.

It means:

  • Thinking where would my customers like to buy my product
  • How can I get them to see other areas of activities as a buying point
  • What is the relationship between my product and other locations (why are books of the film not sold in cinemas)

 So call to action think location, customer and product and outside of your shop where is the best place to be.  And that is your pick-up point.

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