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Berlusconi vervangt Hulk bij loting WK
25 juli 2015
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China’s Retail Ecommerce Sales By Mobile Will Increase Enormously
1 augustus 2015

Use omnichannel, like you’re Burberry!

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Yesterday I read a blog about Burberry and how they already sell and service the customer with their omnichannel strategy. Increase turnover by creating a great omnichannel strategy (see this article).

Actually it didn’t surprise me that much, but what really surprised me was another blog that was about seven great in-store experiences at Burberry.

Number seven of that blog immediately had my attention.

7) The follow up:

Two days later, I received a personalized email from her. She cited specific items from our conversation and included a video on tying the perfect belt. Overall, she was the perfect salesperson, and a dream to work with. Takeaway: Don’t stop after the sale is done. Show them why they want to continue to do business with you and again, that you really care.


This should be the omnichannel standard

Why don’t all the stores have a good online after-sales? Isn’t this the simple start of your omnichannel strategy? Omnichannel isn’t always that complex! Reach the customer online after the real store visit. And actually it works both ways, why not try to get your online customer come to your store as well.

A blog about omnichannel experimentation.
This article is a post from L2inc written by Homa Zaryouni

Which retailer does omnichannel serve best?

While brands in the Specialty Retail, Department Stores, and Big Box studies have made advancements in omnichannel, no clear leader has emerged. Walmart promotes free shipping of online orders if shoppers pick them up at the store. Macy’s and Best Buy ship from the nearest store to cut delivery times and shipping costs. Gap and Banana Republic allow consumers to reserve items online and buy in-store. Yet, no retailer has adopted all of the pillars of an omnichannel strategy and emerged as a leader. And despite omnichannel becoming a buzzword, two-thirds of retailers are more than a year away from fully merging their online and in-store order management systems.

In the next three years, 250% more retailers will be transitioning to a single order management solution to support a unified commerce experience across all channels, according to the Boston Retail Partners report.

The report explained how many retailers are planning to adopt a single order management system and the numerous benefits it presents to improve operations and enhance the customer experience.
See also the image below.

Retailers should provide a seamless shopping experience whether it is in-store, on the web or anywhere customers choose to shop on their mobile devices.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 3.19.10 PM


My omnichannel opinion

If I read the text above, they just focus on way of shopping/ordering, pick-up and delivery, but they lack the change to focus on service and after sales, like Burberry does. And like a lot of omnichannel blogs it’s just about ordering, delivering, making instore reservations easiness of returning goods and all the opportunities this all will create for the stores.

So if you ask me? Start with the end of sales cycle. Empower the after-sales in both online and offline customer contact with omnichannel. It will be worth the effort and can achieve amazing results in repeat trade.

Gideon Tailleur – Retail Marketing specialist with  omnichannel focus. Founder Open for freelance possibilities. Follow me: @gideontailleur

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