27 juli 2015
Burberry, Omnichannel, marketing, retail

Use omnichannel, like you’re Burberry!

Yesterday I read a blog about Burberry and how they already sell and service the customer with their omnichannel strategy. Increase turnover by creating a great omnichannel strategy (see […]
1 augustus 2015
Mcommecre, ecommerce, mobile shopping, strategy, increase, china

China’s Retail Ecommerce Sales By Mobile Will Increase Enormously

In 2016, more than 10% of total retail sales in the country will take place via mobile; mcommerce. Retail sales on tablets, smartphones and other mobile […]
31 mei 2017
Marketing specialist, LinkedIn ambassador, speaker, online marketing

Are email adresses “the new marketing gold”?

This will help you to find the best audience with LinkedIn Through the newly-added ‘target your audience’ option on LinkedIn, we finally can target a more specific […]