28 juli 2014

5 tips to improve your brand image

Every major brand has a distinct personality. Though they serve similar needs, you’d never confuse Walmart for Nordstrom, Microsoft for Apple, In-n-Out Burger for McDonald’s, Holiday Inn […]
28 juli 2014


by Stephen Humburg @ LinkedIn Multi-Unit Retail Professional With costs going up, customers demanding all of service, convenience, and price, and multi-channel competition increasing, savvy retailers […]
27 juli 2015
Burberry, Omnichannel, marketing, retail

Use omnichannel, like you’re Burberry!

Yesterday I read a blog about Burberry and how they already sell and service the customer with their omnichannel strategy. Increase turnover by creating a great omnichannel strategy (see […]
1 augustus 2015
Mcommecre, ecommerce, mobile shopping, strategy, increase, china

China’s Retail Ecommerce Sales By Mobile Will Increase Enormously

In 2016, more than 10% of total retail sales in the country will take place via mobile; mcommerce. Retail sales on tablets, smartphones and other mobile […]
18 januari 2016

Fashion Week official blog reporter

Met de 24e editie alweer van de Fashion Week waren alle ogen in de Nederlandse fashion wereld afgelopen weekend gericht op Amsterdam. Om de openingsavond meer te laten […]
31 mei 2017
Marketing specialist, LinkedIn ambassador, speaker, online marketing

Are email adresses “the new marketing gold”?

This will help you to find the best audience with LinkedIn Through the newly-added ‘target your audience’ option on LinkedIn, we finally can target a more specific […]